Rosate 360 TF Glyphosate Weed Killer - 5 Litre


  • Absorbed by the weed foliage and translocated to the growing points in the roots and to the underground rhizomes/stolons of perennial weeds.
  • Best results are obtained from applications made under good growing conditions (adequate soil moisture and warm/humid conditions), when the weeds are actively growing and at the recommended growth stages for treatment.
  • After application, glyphosate is strongly absorbed onto the soil particles and becomes practically immobilised within the soil.
  • 5 litre.


Rosate 360 is ideal for contract spraying or management of large areas. Rosate 360 TF is a soluble liquid concentrate herbicide for the control of most species of emerged annual and perennial grass and broad leaved weeds.

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Stock Code: WEED06

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