Reach-A-Light Ladder - PF Cusack

Reach-A-Light Ladder


  • An excellent choice when a self-supporting, free-standing ladder is required.
  • Multi function ladder can be used as a:
    • Single section ladder.
    • Double extension ladder.
    • Triple extension ladder.
    • Double sided ladder.
    • Free standing ladder.
  • Available in various sizes.
Ladder Fully Extended Max Height (Freestanding) Closed Height
7 Rung, 16.5kg 4.77m 3.10m 1.97m
9 Rung, 18.0kg 6.17m 3.94m 2.53m
11 Rung, 21.9kg 7.55m 5.00m 3.10m
13 Rung, 25.6kg 9.45m 6.27m 3.80m

Stock Code: LDCRL1

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