Tractel Derope Standard Rescue Descent Device


  • Constant rate descender.
  • Can be used up to a height of 400mm for max 150kg or 200m for max 225kg weight.
  • For emergency self rescue or rescuing a casualty from height.
  • Can be used as part of a system to satisfy the requirements of the Work at Height Regulations.
  • Rope not included.


  • EN341A.


The Derope descent device is a controlled speed descent evacuation system. It can be used to evacuate either one person (up to 150kg) at height of up to 400 meters or 2 persons (up to 225kg) at heights of up to 200 meters. Standard Derope allows several round trips, designed for downward evacuation. Descent only.

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Stock Code: SH0524

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