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Uvex Carbonvision Safety Goggles


The frame of these goggle are constructed using the latest material and manufacturing technologies for maximum mechanical rigidity (B = 120 m/s) despite minimal volume and weight. The TPU layer firmly welded onto the frame ensures the perfect fit and allows easy cleaning. With its minimal weight of just 46g, the Uvex Carbonvision is among the lightest goggles available on the market and enables the wearer to work for long periods without pressure points.


  • Small goggles with maximum protective features.
  • Lightweight at just 46g.
  • Easy to cimbine with other PPE such as helmets.
  • Reliable UV 400 protection.
  • Low volume frame and high mechanical strength (B = 120 m/s).
  • Scratch proof on the outside, permanently fog free on the inside thanks to Uvex Supravision Extreme.
  • Best panoramic view without tunnel effect due to the close fitting lens.
  • Soft seal protects against dust, splashes and mechanical hazards.
  • Easy and hygienic cleaning due to detachable frame and lens.
  • Hard and soft components which adapt to wearer’s face creating soft, effective seal.
  • Available in various options.


  • EN166 1.B.K.N.

Stock Code: UVE9307375

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