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Uvex Pheos Women's Safety Glasses


The Uvex Pheos is not just a pair of safety spectacles. With its modern, fashionable looks, the Uvex Pheos is a good looking accessory at work. Innovative safety spectacle technology lies behind the attractive design. The heart of the glasses is the duo spherical lens that doesn't just offer a wide field of vision, but is also particularly scratch resistant on the outside and features an anti fog interior thanks to the high quality Uvex Supravision coating technology.


  • Modern safety spectacles with a fashionable design and duo spherical lens technology.
  • 100% metal free.
  • Reliable UV 400 protection.
  • Additional eyebrow protection with a bevelled edge in upper area thanks to Eye Plus Protection.
  • Anti fog inside, extremely scratch resistant and chemical resistant on the outside thanks to Uvex Supravision Excellence.
  • Smaller version for an optimum fit without compromising protective qualities (ladies' variant is 8mm shorter across the bridge than the larger version).
  • Soft, non slip arm end prevents pressure points thanks to Uvex duo component technology.
  • Very large field of vision without frames.
  • Narrow geometry enables ear defenders, safety helmets and bump caps to be worn comfortably.
  • Available in various options.


  • EN166 1.F.K.N.

Stock Code: UVE9192720

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