Delta Plus Onyx Safety Helmet with Retractable Visor - PF Cusack
Delta Plus

Delta Plus Onyx Safety Helmet with Retractable Visor


  • Integrated visor compact and combined solution.
  • Balanced centre of gravity for a prolonged use and reduction of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).
  • Comfortable distance between the visor and the wearer's face provides good ventilation and prevents fogging, as well as being compatible with glasses.
  • Easy locking of the visor in two positions allows optimum safety as the visor does not rise or fall unexpectedly.
  • Lateral reflectivity for more visible workers.
  • One-D Rotor ergonomic clamping system allows for one handed adjustment with or without gloves.
  • ABS double shell for improved robustness and resistance to lateral deformation, allowing for increased protection.
  • Easy replacement of damaged visors.
  • Designed with clips to hold a headlamp with an elastic headband.
  • Sport and dynamic design.
  • 3 textile straps with 6 fixing points.
  • Foam sweatband.
  • Head sizes 53 - 63cm.
  • 2 possible positions of the headband (top/low) for a better comfort.
  • Retro reflective stickers.
  • Electrical insulation up to 1000 V.A.C or 1500 V.D.C protection against arc fault Class 1 (GS-ET 29).
  • Visor and anti fog N and anti scratch K treatments and protection against electrical arcs and molten metals or hot liquid projections.


  • EN397:2012+A1:2012
    • LD: Molten metal spray.
    • MM: Lateral deformation.
    • -20ºC +50ºC: Very low temperature.
    • 440VAC: Electric insulation.
  • EN50365:2002.
    • Class 0: Electrically insulating helmets.
  • EN166:2001.
    • 1 AT 8 9 KN: Oculars marking.
    • 3 8 9 AT: Frame marking.
  • EN170:2002.
    • 2C-1.2: Echelon.
  • GS-ET 29:2011-05 Additional Requirements Electric Arc Protection.
    • 8-1-0: Oculars marking.
    • Class 1.
    • Class 0: Light transmittance: Class 1. (50% < VLT(D65) < 75%): Class 0. (VLT(D65) > 75%). 8-1: Frame marking.
EN397 EN166

Stock Code: H09FR1

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