Moldex Twisters Cord Ear Plugs 6441 - 34 dB SNR - Box of 80 Pairs - PF Cusack

Moldex Twisters Cord Ear Plugs 6441 - 34 dB SNR - Box of 80 Pairs


Twisters ear plugs have a convenient handle that enables them to be quickly and easily inserted into, and removed from, the ear. This is particularly useful for intermittent or crash noise, when hearing protection might not be needed all of the time. The ear plugs remain hygienically clean as they do not need to be rolled prior to insertion. A gentle twist of the handle enables precision adjustment of their position within the ear, allowing the user to achieve an optimal level of comfort. Twisters ear plugs are comfortably soft and skin friendly.


  • Comfort PU foam formula developed specially for use in ear plugs.
  • Curved handle enables fine adjustment of the earplug's position within the ear canal.
  • Insertion without prior rolling so ear plugs remain hygienic and clean.
  • Neck cord allows ear plugs to always be to hand and therefore less likely to be misplaced.
  • Offers high noise protection of 34 dB (SNR).
  • Box of 80 pairs.


  • EN352-2.

Stock Code: MX6441

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