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Rock Fall VX950C Onyx Women's Safety Boots


  • 100% non-metallic construction - certain environments require non-metallic footwear, anywhere where magnets are present or where metal detection systems are in operation. Composite constructed footwear also benefits from being much lighter.
  • Anti static - designed for those working in environments sensitive to static electricity. Anti static footwear helps to provide a level of resistance to electrical hazards from live circuits.
  • Heat resistant outsole to 300ºC - if you work in environments that expose you to heat, then you require a certain level of heat resistance from your footwear.
  • HI resistant outsole to 150ºC - heat insulation certified (HI) which means the outsole has been tested at 150ºC and the change inside the footwear is only a maximum of +22ºC.
  • Highest level slip resistance - strictly tested to the highest level accredited for slip resistance. SRC slip rated.
  • Oil resistant - also resistant to any other petrochemical substances. If you're working in this sort of environment, you can have peace of mind that your footwear won't weaken as a result of exposure.
  • Protective anti penetration flexi midsole - in compliance with the EN20344 standard, these boots are anti penetration to keep the sole of your foot free from injury.
  • Protective fibreglass toecap - a key features of any safety footwear, Rock Fall's protective toecaps ensure protection in dangerous working environments.
  • Water repellent upper - if you're working outdoors, or if you're hiking, you need a water resistant layer that performs in difficult conditions.
  • Waterproof membrane - Activ-Tex waterproof membrane for increased protection from water. Tested for 8 hours (5 times longer than EN requirement).
  • Ladies' fit - designed to fit perfectly on a lady's foot.
  • Honey.
  • Sizes 3 - 8.


  • EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 HI WR HRO SRC.


100% non-metallic with protective toecap and midsole, Onyx is comfortable and lightweight. It's developed with specialist durability materials including an Activ-Tex waterproof membrane and shock absorbing solid nitrile rubber outsole. The Rock Fall ladies' range is made on a ladies' shoe mould, making it more slender and better fitting.


Stock Code: FWR71-03

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