Green Rhino EnviroHorn Drain Filter - PF Cusack
Green Rhino

Green Rhino EnviroHorn Drain Filter


  • Avoid fines.
  • Eliminate the cost and downtime of unblocking drains.
  • Water discharged to regulator accepted levels.
  • Oil and sediment model retains 1 litre of hydrocarbon sheen and 19 kg sediment.
  • Sediment only model retains up to 12 kg of sediment.
  • Removes sediment particles down to 100µm.
  • Cost effective, reusable solution.
  • Install in 5 minutes; instructions printed on top.
  • 25cm diameter, 40cm depth.
  • Available in various options.


EnviroHorn is an easy to use filter which sits inside a roadside drain and filters out sediment and oil from site run-off. Available as an oil and sediment filter or sediment only, EnviroHorn eliminates the costs and downtime of having to pump out blocked or contaminated drains. Ideal for house building sites, entrances and exits to construction sites and wheel wash areas. Installed in five minutes, EnviroHorn is fit inside the drain, cut to size and the edges taped down.

The sediment only EnviroHorn will retain 21 kg of sediment before it needs to be emptied. Simply empty the collected sediment in an appropriate place and refit the EnviroHorn to the drain. The oil and sediment EnviroHorn will retain 19 kg of sediment before it needs to be emptied. It will also retain 1 litre of hydrocarbon sheen and only needs to be replaced when the integral hydrocarbon detector turns dark blue.

Stock Code: CTG007

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