Green Rhino

Green Rhino EnviroBucket Manual Sediment Filter Kit


The EnviroBucket manual sediment filter has been developed to tackle the dewatering of small/shallow water filled trenches. In these instances the use of a pump and filter is simply not a practical or cost effective solution. The operative is able to manually pour the water into the EnviroBucket, the water flows through the sediment filter and exits the container via a flexible hose pipe. The sediment particles (to 50µm) are captured in the filter media, the retained sediment can then be placed back into the trench on completion of works. If oil is present in the water, the addition of a polymer pillow can remove up to one litre of oil, by turning into a rubber like solid that will not leak.


  • A great solution for small and shallow excavations.
  • Prevents sediment pollution down to 50µm.
  • Compact and economical solution.
  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Amey DEN gold award winning product.
  • Prevent need for jet washing pavements and the public highway.

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