Green Rhino

Green Rhino Economy Sediment Filter

Low cost but effective filter for low volume and low risk applications


  • Small and lightweight for easy storage and quick mobilisation.
  • Filter holds 20 kg of sediment for single person handling.
  • Water discharged to Environment Agency accepted levels (100µm).
  • Designed for single use.
  • Easy to attach, use and empty.
  • 150cm x 35cm.


There are no excuses for pumping dirty water onto the road or pavement and risking a costly fine. Green Rhino's entry level filter will fit all budgets and cleans water to Environment Agency accepted levels (100µm). The filter media is made from non-woven geotextile.

Lightweight and easy to use, it is suitable even for one man jobs. The budget filter is designed for capturing 20 kg of sediment before being replaced; this may equate to a single job or a small number of low usage jobs. When it becomes harder, or impossible, to pump water through, the filter is clogged.

Best practice guide to dewatering excavations.

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Stock Code: CTG02

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