Green Rhino

Green Rhino Oil Retention Pillow - 1 Litre

Absorb and retain pollutants with zero leakage


  • Fast, effective response to oil and fuel spills.
  • Use proactively in bunds, tanks, etc.
  • Smart polymer attracts and solidifies hydrocarbons.
  • Zero leakage even when wrung out.
  • Avoid the cost and delay of using third party contractors.
  • 1 litre.
  • 300mm x 300mm.


Green Rhino oil retention pillows provide you with a fast acting and 100% effective pollution control solution. They enable you to limit site downtime by reacting to spills without recourse to third party contractors. Our smart polymer pillows are superior to traditional absorbent pillows which leak when you lift them out of the water you've just cleaned. Green Rhino oil retention pillows are filled with their proprietary smart polymer which traps oils and fuels by converting them into solid rubber. Only clean water will run out, enabling you to wring them out before disposal.

Pillows will remove all hydrocarbons dispersed in water, whether in the emulsified or dissolved phase, and the heavier collection settled oil on the bed of an excavation. Use as many pillows as necessary. Use these pillows to clean up a sheen or minor spill, or to reduce a more serious slick before using a Green Rhino oil and sediment dewatering filter.

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Stock Code: CTG039

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