Green Rhino

Green Rhino EnviroPad


The EnviroPad is a lightweight, durable and innovative spill / drip hydrocarbon retention pad preventing oil based pollutants from entering the environment, and therefore significantly assist organisations who regularly utilise plant, tools or equipment requiring refuelling or having the potential to spill or leak hydrocarbons in the avoidance of prosecution and fines from environmental officers.


  • Cost effective solution for tool and plant spill or leakage.
  • Hydrocarbon captured and encapsulated in the smart polymer medium.
  • Prevent hydrocarbons from leaving the spill/drip pad area.
  • Best in class oil retention rates up to 28 litre.
  • Allows unpolluted water to freely drain away from the pad.
  • Eliminates the necessity of a drip tray and their potential to further spill.
  • Removes the risks from moving / transporting oil and water polluted trays.
  • Lightweight / compact size for safe transportation and storage.
  • Disposal in the standard hazardous waste container.
  • Available in various sizes.

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