Green Rhino

Green Rhino Polymer Quick Deployment Boom


A mobile version of Green Rhino's Marine Boom, this solution is designed to be part of an operatives kit and to be used as a reactive solution to smaller oil spills on land and in water. A quick and effective way to contain a spill in the shorter term. This device can also be used on land applications to prevent hydrocarbons from entering storm drains. The outer skin is made of spun bond mesh and filled with polymer granules.


  • Quick and easy to deploy.
  • Creates a high performance barrier.
  • Great reactive solution for oil spills in waters.
  • Turns oil into rubber with no leakage.
  • Creates a rubber barrier around the spill.
  • Prevent costly fines.
  • Reusable until the loose polymers inside become solid.
  • Available in various sizes.

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