Oxford Plastics

Oxford Plastics StrongWall / StrongFence


  • To protect pedestrians from moving vehicles and deep excavations.
  • Heavy recycled base of 18kg - standard colour black.
  • Top section can be supplied in red, white and orange.
  • Top section can be water filled, adding a further 15kg.
  • Designed for compact stacking to provide low transport costs.
  • Anti tamper linking system, stops unauthorised dismantle.
  • Can be customised with corporate colour and logo.
  • Performs well in windy conditions.
  • Designed and manufactured in UK.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Fence: high level (2m) anti climb fence for deep excavations and hazardous sites.
  • Stable and ideal for high wind situations.
  • Compliant with Chapter 8 Streetworks (UK).
  • 1000 x 1080 x 525mm (StrongWall).
  • Various parts available (see options).

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Stock Code: B13801

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