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RB22 Barrier System


  • Heavy duty water filled road/track barrier.
  • Subject to highway test, 50mph.
  • Wide design fork lift slots for ease of visibility by driver.
  • Interlocking when stacked for maximum stability during transport.
  • Quick secure pin hinge and support plates assemble for speed of set up.
  • Far easier to transport, handle and manage than alternatives.
  • Up to 200 metres per lorry load.
  • Completely free standing - no permanent fixings required.
  • On any impact, if the barrier is not punctured/damaged, removal from site will not be required.
  • (L) 2m x (H) 800mm x (W) 500mm.
  • Available in various options.


  • EN1317.


Water filled RB22 crash barriers are designed to withstand impacts from errant vehicles travelling up to 50 miles per hour, making them ideal for bordering off temporary road works and areas where highway maintenance is being completed. Developed to protect pedestrians and drivers alike, these half ton exceeding (when filled) barriers absorb much speed when hit by wayward vehicles, deflecting them away. Constructed from prime UV stabilised polyethylene, the RB22 barriers interlock with reinforced steel pins, however pivoting walls you create around curves or turns are no problem thanks to their simply, yet intuitive, design. These barriers can be deployed without a forklift when empty.

Each unit comes with its own applicable fixing plate or connecting bar as standard, however, we stock spare parts should they be required.

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Stock Code: QWRB22A

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