Oxford Plastics

Oxford Plastics 16/12 Safe Cover - 1600mm x 1200mm


  • Moulded from a single piece of glass reinforced composite.
  • Hi vis trench cover.
  • Designed to cover trenches of a maximum width of 900mm.
  • Slip resistant surface and chamfered edges to prevent tripping.
  • Underside has ribbed framework for added strength.
  • Can take the distributed weight of a vehicle of up to 2000kg.
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK.
  • Can emboss with company name or logo for corporate identity.
  • Wider design makes it ideal for driveway access.
  • Lighter than a steel cover.
  • Stronger than a wooden plate.
  • 1600mm x 1200mm.


  • UK's DETR Safety at Streetworks and Roadworks Code of Practice.


The 16/12 Safe Cover is a strong and secure trench cover that is suitable for pedestrians and 2 tonne vehicles over a 900mm trench. This glass reinforced composite cover has ribbed framework for added strength. The anti slip surface is safe and secure for pedestrians, and chamfered edges prevent trips. The 16/12 Safe Cover is designed for street works and utilities sites, and should be bolted down.

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Stock Code: TRE115

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