Reflective Road Stud - Self Adhesive - PF Cusack

Reflective Road Stud - Self Adhesive


  • White - These are the most commonly seen colour of stud reflector. White studs are situated on the centre line of a carriageway to separate lanes.
  • Red - These indicate the left-hand side of the carriageway and show a "line that should not be crossed".
  • Green - These are used on dual carriageways and motorways to indicate a slip road entrance or layby.
  • Amber - On the motorway these indicate the central reservation or the inner edge of an exit ramp. On a one way road, they are used to indicate the right-hand side of the carriageway, which should not be crossed.
  • Available in uni and bi directional, and in white, red, green or amber.


If you are using these on a private road or car park you will likely only require white reflectors, however, on the public highway, the position of different colours of studs is regulated tightly.

Stock Code: B12317

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