Oxford Plastics LowPro 12/8 Trench Cover - 1200mm x 800mm - PF Cusack
Oxford Plastics

Oxford Plastics LowPro 12/8 Trench Cover - 1200mm x 800mm


The LowPro 12/8 Trench Cover is a versatile trench cover that is suitable for pedestrians and 2 tonne vehicles over a 700mm trench. The anti slide technology on the underside and edges of the LowPro is made from a soft, flexible rubber material which grips the surface reducing unwanted movement. The Low Pro composite trench cover has an innovative and patented Flex-Edge system which does not need to be bolted down. This greatly reduces trip hazards for pedestrians and reduces installation time. This glass reinforced composite cover has ribbed framework for added strength.


  • 1 person lift footway board.
  • Suitable for 2T vehicles and pedestrians over a 700mm trench.
  • LowPro edges grip the asphalt so pinning not required in most applications.
  • Moulded anti slip surface.
  • Fitted with gas vents and probe hole.
  • Shock resistant.
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK.
  • 1200 x 800 x 28mm.


  • DETR Safety at Street Works and Road Works Code of Practice.
  • HAUC's 2018/01 Advice Note.

Stock Code: TRELP1280

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