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PPE and Clothing Recycling Service

Cusack have partnered with a leading certified 'Zero to Landfill' provider and can now offer a service for the collection and disposal of unwanted PPE and clothing. This will all help with zero to landfill and produce reusable energy.

Items That Can Be Recycled

Recycling Type Eligible Items
Type A Clothing and Gloves
Type B Footwear, Ear Defenders, Ear Plugs, Safety Glasses and Helmets

What Are the Benefits?

  • Improves carbon footprint.
  • Better waste management.
  • Protects your brand.
  • Reduces landfill costs.
  • Help reach sustainability goals.

Recycling Service Steps

Step 1

Raise requisition for Large Clear Refuse Bags and a pack of Cable Ties.

Code Description Box Quantity Price
B15733 Large Clear Refuse Bag - 22 x 33 x 47 inch 100 £16.50
150237 Cable Ties - 370mm x 4.8mm 100 £4.04

Step 2

Place all general workwear / hi-vis clothing and PPE into your refuse bags, ensuring all the PPE and Clothing are in separate bags and secured with a cable tie.

Step 3

Once you have a minimum of 10 bags (can be a mix of PPE and Clothing bags), you can raise a requisition for collection at £19.00 per clothing bag, and £37.00 per PPE bag using the codes below:

Code Description Price
RECY01 Bag A - Recycling Service (PPE / Clothing) £19.00
RECY06 Bag B - Recycling Service (Footwear / Helmets) £37.00

Step 4

Once Cusack have received the Purchase Order, they will arrange with their Zero to Landfill provider for the bags to be collected. The 'Zero to Landfill' provider will take the bags to their secure shredding facility where all materials are recycled to create Solid Recovered Fuel. Once this has been completed, a certificate of destruction will be raised.

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