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Deb Stokoderm Frost - 100ml


Stokoderm Frost is a pre work cream specially developed to prevent hands, face and other exposed skin from getting dry under cold working conditions. Includes anti freeze effect to maintain product quality and help improve user comfort. Stokoderm Frost contains panthenol, glycerine and allantoin to help care for and strengthen the skin's natural barrier. Suitable for use by outdoor workers exposed to cold environmental conditions or indoor workers exposed to refrigerated environments.


  • Low temperature skin protection - the unique formula is designed to work at low and sub zero temperatures and be effective in helping to prevent skmin dryness, a potentially serious health issue in extreme cold conditions.
  • Anti freezing formula - specially formulated using low temperature stable ingredients for application at temperatures as low as -30ºC without freezing.
  • Contains allantoin - supports the moisturisation effect and helps condition the skin.
  • Quickly and easily absorbs into the skin - the non greasy after feel encourages regular use and does not affect dexterity with hand held tools.
  • Suitable for use on the face - specially formulated for application where the face might be exposed to cold and as a supplement to PPE.
  • Silicone free - the product will have no adverse effect if in contact with surfaces prior to application of paint or surface coatings.
  • Where to use: outdoor workers exposed to cold conditions and indoor workers in refrigerated environments.
  • 100ml tube.

Stock Code: DEB20A

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