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Head Protection

You should always wear head protection when there is a potential risk of falling objects, debris or possibly electric shocks. The European standard for helmets for general use is EN397. All helmets sold by Cusack meet this standard and the tests required to meet the standard are designed to protect the worker from possible falling objects and possible brain damage or a fractured skull as a result.

Cusack also offer head protection with the following standards:

  • EN50365 - Insulating helmets for use on low voltage installations.
  • EN12492 - Helmets for working at height.
  • EN812 - For bump caps that have been developed to protect the wearer from static objects (e.g. walking into low ceilings or hanging obstructions), rather than protect against falling objects and therefore should not be used as a safety helmet.

Did you know we have the ability to brand safety helmets with your company logo?

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