Heightec Pulsar X-Cam Handled Ascender - Right Handed - PF Cusack

Heightec Pulsar X-Cam Handled Ascender - Right Handed


  • Right handed handled ascender rope access device.
  • When tested on new Tectra 11mm low stretch rope, these handled ascenders were found to be 25% stronger than their most popular sharp toothed competitor, with average breaking loads up to 675 kg for X-Cams versus 535 kg for the established design. However, the greatest increase in performance is exhibited if the ascender continues to be loaded after the sheath of the rope has ruptured. In this situation, X-Cams will hold up to 200 kg on the broken sheath and rope cores.
  • Established toothed designs supported only around 30 kg in Heightec tests, nowhere near enough to support a person. Heightec X-Cam ascenders therefore significantly reduce the possibility of complete system failure by exerting a considerable hold on a rope after the sheath has broken.

Stock Code: SH0430

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