Fentex SpillTector - Extra Large - 2000 x 1370 x 100mm - PF Cusack

Fentex SpillTector - Extra Large - 2000 x 1370 x 100mm


Following two and a half years of development and field testing, Fentex have now made available the full range of SpillTector. It had been designed to outperform all other construction site spill protection mats and delivers unrivalled absorbency at unbeatable prices. SpillTector fits under a wide range of plant and machinery to trap oil and fuel leaks. Clean rainwater simply won’t be absorbed and is safely channelled away, enabling SpillTector to continue working even in bad weather. Meanwhile the ground underneath stays protected from oil and fuel leaks, eliminating the need to spend time and money on ground remediation.


  • Flexible sidewalls - the flexible sidewalls of the Flexible Tray allow you to wheel plant and machinery easily straight onto the SpillTector with little effort or fuss.
  • Tough mesh grid - the ultra tough mesh grid will withstand the heaviest of use while allowing oil to soak into the multi layered laminate absorbents.
  • Super absorbent - the laminated multi layered super absorbents trap oils, fuels and hydrocarbons that are spilt onto them yet allows water to run off.
  • Extra large.
  • 2000 x 1370 x 100mm.

Stock Code: ODC364

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