AdBlue Fluid - 10 Litre - PF Cusack

AdBlue Fluid - 10 Litre

AdBlue, derived from purified water and urea, revolutionizes diesel engine emissions reduction. AdBlue's role in reducing harmful emissions is pivotal, not only meeting stringent emission standards but also contributing to a cleaner and safer environment. With its straightforward usage and tangible benefits for both your vehicle and the planet, incorporating AdBlue into your maintenance routine is a wise and responsible choice. Keep your diesel engine running efficiently while minimizing its environmental impact by ensuring you always have a sufficient supply of AdBlue on hand.


  • Emission Reduction: AdBlue facilitates a crucial process in reducing harmful emissions from diesel engines, contributing to cleaner air and environmental preservation.
  • Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR): Since 2016, most diesel vehicles employ SCR technology, where AdBlue is injected into exhaust fumes. This triggers a chemical reaction that converts nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrogen and oxygen.
  • Essential for Operation: Running out of AdBlue can lead to your diesel car refusing to start. To prevent this, it's vital to keep your AdBlue topped up regularly, ensuring uninterrupted vehicle operation.
  • Ample Supply: Comes in a convenient 10-litre size, providing an ample supply to keep your vehicle running smoothly and environmentally responsibly.

Stock Code: AUS3210

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