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Fire Safety Stick

Fire Safety Stick COMKIT4 Pre-Assembled FSS100 - 100 Second Discharge Time


  • A totally different type of fire extinguisher; works by chemically interfering with the oxygen at the flame level, thereby extinguishing the fire.
  • 15 years tested shelf life; typically three times that of most traditional fire extinguishers.
  • No toxic mess; produces zero damaging mess after use, so fine for machinery and electronics.
  • Eco-friendly and safe for all; safe for humans and animals with no environmental impact at all.
  • Durable; can be dropped, pierced and cut, and it still works! Cannot be activated by accident.
  • No servicing; only basic in-house visual maintenance checks are required.
  • Leave the repress the fire; long discharge time aids escape, or it can be left behind to repress the fire.
  • 215g.
  • Pre-assembled.
  • 100 second discharge time.
  • Comes with vinyl sticker sign, anti-tamper tag, install sticker for handle, inspection sticker for anti-tamper tag and PDF template for logbook.


  • CE/UKCA.


Certified for the following fire classes:

  • A - Solid Combustables (plastic, paper, textiles).
  • B - Flammable Liquids (oil, petrol, diesel, alcohols).
  • C - Flammable Gasses (methane, propoane, butane).
  • Electrical Fires (1000,000 Volts) [TVs, Computers, Kitchen Appliances].
  • F - Cooking Oils and Fats (e.g. in the kitchen).

Not suitable for coal or wooden log fires, or lithium battery fires.

Stock Code: FSS100-PRO4

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