Gully Cover Seal System - PF Cusack

Gully Cover Seal System


  • Manufactured from polythene.
  • A simple method to seal drains until repair work can be undertaken.
  • Prevents blockages in poor weather conditions.
  • Protects the watercourse from exposure.
  • Application:
    • Place the drain cover over the gully cover.
    • Drop in the locking mechanism and move to the closed position.
    • Use a 13mm socket to tighten the bolt until the rubber seal compresses.


A drain cover designed to seal drains when there is potential for an environmental incident. By sealing the drain off it will allow time to deal with accidental spillage or the removal of site spoil before it can enter a water course. Manufactured from polyethylene PE500 Yellow in colour for high visibility and can be fully recycled.

Stock Code: TRE416

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