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Green Rhino

Green Rhino Sediment Filter


This filter will help you resolve dewatering challenges, avoiding the expensive clean up costs of vacuum tankers and jetting vehicles, or fines from environmental regulators. With Green Rhino Sediment Filters and a pump on your site, or in the back of the maintenance van, you have a dewatering solution you can deploy within minutes. Constructed from a layered system of nylon monofilament for capturing sediment particles down to 150µm, and a PVC nylon outer sleeve tested for tensile strength and durability, this rugged filter is built to handle repeated use in harsh conditions.

This filter can be reused up to 20 times depending on the geology of the sediment being filtered; that's 400 kg sediment captured with a single filter. Use a Green Rhino Manifold to harness 4, 6 or 8 filters to process large volumes of water without the delays or costs associated with vacuum tankers or sediment tanks. The filter is made from high quality materials sourced from responsible suppliers, all being non-hazardous and not classified.


  • Save £000s - no vacuum tankering required.
  • Filter holds 20 kg of sediment for single person handling.
  • Simply empty and reuse up to 20 times.
  • Water discharged to Environment Agency accepted levels (150µm).
  • Integral hydrocarbon detector alerts you to oil based contaminants.
  • Easy to attach, use and empty.
  • Lifting straps for safe and easy handling.
  • Highly visible colour to avoid trips.
  • Harness multiple filters using the Green Rhino Manifold System.
  • 150cm x 35cm.

Stock Code: CTG001

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