Green Rhino Oil Retention Boom - Quick Deployment - 11.2 Litre - PF Cusack
Green Rhino

Green Rhino Oil Retention Boom - Quick Deployment - 11.2 Litre


Unlike other absorbents, Green Rhino's smart polymer booms permanently retain pollutants. The proprietary polymer blend converts a wide range of oils and fuels into solid rubber, trapping them inside. Only clean water is discharged, even if the booms are wrung out; this means that you won't spill contaminated water back into the environment when you move or dispose of them.

Slimmer than Green Rhino's marine booms, these booms are designed to be part of an emergency response to smaller spills on land or water. Simply position around the spill or to block its path. These booms can also be used to intercept water running into storm drains. All Green Rhino oil retention booms are construction of a spun bond mesh outer skin filled with our proprietary smart polymer blend.


  • Smart polymer absorbs and solidifies hydrocarbons, creating an impermeable barrier.
  • Any unabsorbed pollutants are successfully contained.
  • Zero leakage even when saturated or wrung out.
  • Quick deployment booms perfect response for smaller spills on land or still water.
  • Reusable until completely solid.
  • Standard COSHH disposal.
  • Listed as an innovative solution on the Considerate Constructors Best Practice Hub.
  • Can be linked together to create any length.
  • 11.2 litre capacity.
  • 4.5cm x 700cm.

Stock Code: CTG212

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