Anti-Explosive Metal Fuel Can - 5 Litre - PF Cusack

Anti-Explosive Metal Fuel Can - 5 Litre

With a 5-litre capacity, this robust and reliable canister provides a portable and secure means to store and transport extra fuel, offering drivers a crucial backup during emergencies or in remote areas where fuel stations may be scarce. Crafted from high-quality metal, this fuel can is designed to resist explosions, making it a safer option for fuel storage. Equipped with a spout, pouring fuel is easy and convenient, ensuring a spill-free experience.


  • Anti-Explosive Fuel Container: Designed to resist explosions, ensuring safe fuel storage and transportation.
  • Comes with Spout: Equipped with a spout for easy and convenient pouring, ensuring a spill-free experience.
  • 5 Litre Capacity: With a 5-litre capacity, this fuel canister offers ample space to carry enough fuel for your needs.

Stock Code: EPC002

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