Dorman SynchroGuide Road Light - PF Cusack

Dorman SynchroGuide Road Light


  • The SynchroGuide LED lamp series was designed to be a simply deployable low cost counter measure device, which would not only dynamically enhance the visibility of the work zone merging taper, but at the same time improve driver lane discipline and recognition by providing a directional taper guide.
  • It combines the latest in LED technology with intelligent wireless communications to enable taper deployment lengths of up to 256 lamps with no master or slave relationships.
  • Rapidly deploy in any order and they will sequence instantly.
  • Unlike arrow boards and static lights the delineation is not spot based but is continual for the entire tape length, a critically important feature during hours of darkness and poor weather conditions where visibility is reduced.
  • Doorman's engineering heritage goes back over 130 years. They are a leading light in road and rail with extensive safety products ranges. Dorman has been at the forefront of LED technology since the 1980's.
  • Comes with bracket.

Stock Code: L12108

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